Blizzard 25th anniversary.

Today is the 25th anniversary of Blizzard, personally is one of my favourite companies of video games, it began as only 3 guys from California with a company called Silicon & Synapse, over the time they changed the name to Blizzard Entertainment, I believe many people have played at least a game of blizzard or heard about them, among the most famous current games we have World of warcraft, Starcraft II (my favorite game), Diablo 3, Heroes of the storm, Hearthstone and the latest launch they will have Overwatch.

I remember when he was a child and played Warcraft II, of course not at the launch but old enough to enjoy these games, the second game I played from Blizzard was Starcraft and that’s when definitely I fall in love with strategy games, I hope they keep doing these great games for years to come.

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