Blade & Soul.

Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul will be free to play soon so I decided to make a review about this game for all the people who don’t know about this game

Blade & Soul is a martial art based game where we have forth different races to choose each race have their own classes to choose and also different stats so if you need to see which race is better for the class you want to choose or the advantages you have against other players.



Gon: this is like the muscle character, we can choose between male and female and the classes that this character can be is the Destroyer and the Kung fu master, so I think this Race will be useful for deal a lot of damage or maybe stay at the front of the battle dealing with the damage of the enemy

Lyn: this character I think is more for fanservice it has animal ears, you can choose between male and female and the classes of this character are Summoner and Force Master, so this character is more to be a mage and stay away from the enemy

Yun: for this character we only can choose female, this character I think is more for style, we can choose between Force Master and Blade Master but I think it will be easier for this race to be a mage

Jin: this is the most Human character we can choose between male and female and the classes for this race are the kung fu master, blade master and assassin, I think this race have very equilibrated stats so choose between the classes it will be easy



Blade Master: Is a front-line warrior that balances offensive and defensive attacks. It is not difficult to play Blade Master. You just need to get familiar with Bosses’ skills and gameplay in PVE. Of course, Blade Master is also not weak in PvP actions. Charging skills and block skills allow it to proceed or step back freely. And its burst damage is also nice.

Destroyer: Is an AOE class with high HP and comparatively low ATK. It is good at farming gold in the late game. It can act as Tank sometimes, but can’t be match with Blade Master and Kung Fu Master.

Assassin: It can use only a set of skills to kill an enemy. But it is very weak. So, it requires a good operative skill. If you are PVP lover, Assassin is a good choice. Besides, it is also a good DPS in dungeons.

Kung Fu Master: Is experts in hand-to-hand fighting, with fast-paced, extravagant attacks. It is very good at PVP actions but have the high request to the operators. Kung Fu Master is a good Tank in dungeons, of course, can also be a DPS if needed. However, you should have a good operative skill to play it.

Force Master: is a ranged class by using Fire-and-ice abilities to deal heavy damage to multiple enemies. Force Master is relatively easy to play. It is very powerful in dungeons, but a little weak in PVP.

Summoner: The biggest feature of Summoner is that it can summon a creature to help it in the battles. That help it can get through the early stage easily.

And here is a trailer of Blade & soul hope you enjoyed this review

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