Brave web browser will pay in Bitcoins.

The new Brave web browser will offer payments in bitcoins to see advertising, Brave is a new browser that blocks unwanted advertising but allows advertising that is not very annoying, besides that now Brave pay advertisers, users, agencies and publishers in bitcoins .

The payment will be monthly, brave partnered with bitgo to offer accounts bitcoin to its users, if users do not claim their payment this will be delivered to advertisers, brave plans in a future version completely block ads by paying a certain amount benefiting the responsible.

A pretty good idea to end invasive ads and have more friendly ads with the public and convince more people that use adblock or use a program to block ads to change to this web browser, as there are many sites that depend on the remuneration of ads to continue their activities.

For the persons that visit many PTC’s, brave will be an extra payment for our normal activities in the internet.

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