Awesome trailer for this game Visage, I was grabbed of my char all the time while I was watching this trailer, Visage is a game that reminds us of Silent Hill, of course in this game we won’t have weapons to defend ourselves, just get certain objects or interact with the enviroment to allow us to go further, this game will make us paranoic cause all the time we going to feel like there is something behind us.
The developers of this game SadSquare launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance its project and bring it to PC, if they get more money they will commit to bring this game to PS4, Xbox One, and add VR support.
Hopefully this project reaches its funding and we see this game on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, this is the link anyone wants to help this group.

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Star Wars Battlefront, heroes and villians

New Gameplay of Star Wars Battlefront, now we can take a look to the new héroes and villians and some of their gameplay, we can take a look to different game modes and more maps in the game, my only complaint is the design of the emperor and maybe the winter clothe of leia from Hoth in the map of Tatooine maybe the new clothe will be something to buy.

Remember this Videogame will be released November 17, and also the free map The Battle of Jakku, also a new site to check the maps, weapons, vehicules and more from this game in the link below

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Doom Closed Alpha Gameplay

WOW !!, a small look into the closed Alpha of Doom, remember that this is not a beta it is a view to how the map looks, a bit of gameplay and only a demon, developers still working in this videogame nut with this video we can have an idea of how the game will be.
This video was made with fragments of PC gaming, PS4 and Xbox One, with this you can get an idea of how the game looks in its different presentations, Closed Alpha begin on October 23 for those who traded their code that came into the game Wolfenstein : The New Order.
Unfortunately users will be prohibited share content online about the closed Alpha.

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Doom SnapMap

This is the new utility for Doom the SnapMap, with this utility you can build your own map and share it with the community its a great tool when you finish the campaign but you want to play more time with new maps, this remind me to the editor map in halo but here you can add more sections to the map, events to trigger when something specific happens like take a weapon or armour it will appear a huge monster, when can add traps to the map, lots of stuff.

I hope this utility will be easy to use cause in a PC this is easy to use but in a console maybe this will be difficult also we need to see if this have a limit in the size of the map or the stuff that we can use in the map, but in conclusion this utility looks great I can wait to create my map and also see if someone makes a very difficult map but well all depends in the creativity but if you dont want to spend time creating a map you can play with the map of the other users.


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From the designer of gears of war, Cliff Bleszinski, this new game LawBreakers, it’s a five on five team based shooter and it will be F2P, this is the first gameplay trailer so we can see the main characters of this game with the time I think we will see more characters to choose when the game is done, this characters have their own role in the team and abilities.
this game looks awesome and a good competitor to games like team fortress 2 so let’s hope this game will be a hit.

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