Cooling methods for PC

This post is a simple explanation of the methods of cooling for PC from the simplest to the most complex in my view, will not go into details, dedicate to post the details of each type separately

Passive heat-sink cooling


Well passive heat sink cooling is very simple and does not produce any noise, this type of cooling consists of a single block of aluminum or copper or their combination that will make the exchange heat between the CPU and the air, depending on how the cooler is designed and the size it will be more effective to keep cool the CPU.

This type of cooling is used in some ultrathin laptops, mobile phones and tablets because they do not have their gap for some air movement, we must have in mind that if we want to keep cold the CPU while playing a game of last generation or rendered a video is not the best option because it does not cool the cpu in comparison to other methods of cooling, but if you only use the computer for simple tasks and you don`t like the noise of the fans in the PC this is a very good choice.

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Smach Zero

Great news for the ones that love portable game consoles, Here is Smach Zero a portable game console with SteamOS so you can play your games of steam well not all the games it depends on the game requeriments but this looks very promising

If this console becomes popular this will mean more games a lot of developers working to make more games for this console, in my opinion this is a good idea I really like portable game consoles you can go anywhere and play games and with the SteamOS you can have a lot of games diferent kind of games and even free games.

This will be available to preorder this year november 10 so if you are interested you can be the first to have one also more news about the preorder will be realesed in the web page smachzero.

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Do you want to build your own Gaming PC but you dont know anything about the parts that you need?. this link will help you


this page will give you the best option in all the stuff you need to build your own gaming PC, also for the ones that have more experience also this page have guides that help you to choose the best parts for your needs, in my opinion the guides are very useful, I know about PC’s but sometimes I need to read about the new stuff and it’s awesome that this page give you the bundle you need about your needs.
It doesnt matter if you like consoles or PC the important is Gaming all the day!!!


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