Assassin´s Creed trailer

First Trailer for Assassin´s Creed movie, in my opinion I thought that this movie will be awful but watching this trailer the faith on this movie is restored let’s hope they keep going like this, the background song in my opinion I didn´t like it but anyway the trailer was awesome.

This movie will be out in December of this year so let’s wait for it.

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Doom Guns,Demons,Speed

Two more days and Doom will be released but here is a new trailer, the developers talk us about the game experience and their opinion of the Game, in general is about the personalization that you can make to your character and the weapons like a new style of shooter combined with an RPG or something like that.

The developers also mention that is important to stay focus and have a strategy to beat every kind of monsters in this game like a chess game, but there is always the option to play on easy mode if you just want to enjoy the game.

In my opinion I want to play this game right now and try to beat it in the Ultra – Nightmare mode it will be awesome but I´m not so good playing shooters.

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Dark Souls III – The Movie

New Dark Souls III tráiler, with a retro style like and 80’s terror movie recorded on a vhs, pretty good trailer to celebrate April’s Fool, anyway hope you enjoy this trailer.

Soon the game will be available on aprils 12 for PC,Playstation 4 and Xbox One, prepare for new challenges this game is well known for its difficulty.

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Doom live action trailer

New live action trailer of Doom, much better than the movie for a 1 minute trailer, for those who are interested in the song of this trailer is Refused with the song “New Noise” hope you like it, this trailer is to celebrate the closed beta of this game, soon this game will be available to buy, may 13 will be available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation4.

For those who get the game wolfensteion: The New Order the closed beta face starts today and ends april 3, enjoy playing a lot

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Awesome trailer for this game Visage, I was grabbed of my char all the time while I was watching this trailer, Visage is a game that reminds us of Silent Hill, of course in this game we won’t have weapons to defend ourselves, just get certain objects or interact with the enviroment to allow us to go further, this game will make us paranoic cause all the time we going to feel like there is something behind us.
The developers of this game SadSquare launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance its project and bring it to PC, if they get more money they will commit to bring this game to PS4, Xbox One, and add VR support.
Hopefully this project reaches its funding and we see this game on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, this is the link anyone wants to help this group.

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