Doom SnapMap.

This is the new utility for Doom the SnapMap, with this utility you can build your own map and share it with the community its a great tool when you finish the campaign but you want to play more time with new maps, this remind me to the editor map in halo but here you can add more sections to the map, events to trigger when something specific happens like take a weapon or armour it will appear a huge monster, when can add traps to the map, lots of stuff.

I hope this utility will be easy to use cause in a PC this is easy to use but in a console maybe this will be difficult also we need to see if this have a limit in the size of the map or the stuff that we can use in the map, but in conclusion this utility looks great I can wait to create my map and also see if someone makes a very difficult map but well all depends in the creativity but if you dont want to spend time creating a map you can play with the map of the other users.


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