GoldenTowns is an online strategy game, no need to download or to pay for play it’s totally free to play and you only need to use your browser to acces to this game here is the link:


In this game you can build your own mining town, level up your buildings, build mines to gain some gold, but also you have to protect your town from other players or attack other players to get more gold, is like the typical game of this gender but you can exchange your gold for real money direct to your Paypal Account, Neteller, Egopay, okpay or your bitcoin wallet


If you refer people you will get the 10%, also you can buy or sell your referrals, this game also have their own market to buy or sell resources, if you decide to attack other players if you conquer their town you can put a tax in their city, also there are wars between countrys

If you are good with this kind of games this is the best option for you and also generates some bitcoins

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