Pixel ate Earth.

The story about this game is that we are in the future and now we are pixels and we have to rebuild the Earth. Ones we start playing this game we need to create our avatar so we can start with the game, the game offer ways to get bitcoins.

We can rent citadels this will give you protection against hackers and attackers to steal our bit balance also if we have full resources our bots will work very well but

In this world there are no jobs only taskbots that do all the job and you earn bits depending in our earning level

We can create items and sell them but first this item need to be approved and if this item is approved we will earn 10% from the sells, the game provide us with a simple editor to create our item.

We can hack or attack to steal bits from other players but the effectively of this depends on our hacking level or attack level.

We can buy items in the shop items that other players create, every item has their stats some for raise your attack or hacking level and we have consumable items.

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