Pokémon Go.


Anyone remember the event in google to catch pokémons in google maps well this is much better we have the evolution of that pokémon in your smartphone with augmented reality even better it works with the GPS, so you can live the adventure to be a pokémon trainer in real life go around the city and try to catch pokémons and even battle against other persons or work together catching pokémons.
this promocional video looks awesome I can wait to get this game just another months to know more details about, the official page says this game will be free to play and if you want extra stuff buy it with real money but who cares is pokémon I will spend lot of money in this game if the end game looks like this video so lets hope they develop a good game.
also you can get and extra device Pokémon GO Plus to connect via bluetooth with your smartphone, if you aren’t looking to your smartphone this device will vibrate and turn on a led to let you know about an event in the game.

for more information visit the official web page http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-video-games/pokemon-go/

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