I always wanted to play this game but it was exclusive for Wii U but great news!!!

This game was first called ZombieU and it was exclusivelly for the Wii U but now it will be realesed for PS4, XBOX ONE and PC with the modifications to look better in these consoles, this game will be released in digital format so we hope this will make it cheaper, this game will be released in august 18

If you don’t know about this game well, Zombi (Zombi U) is a survival horror game in first person, you take the role of a survivor in the city of London, you can collect stuff and use it to survive if you die you start with other survivor and also you can go back to the place where you die before and get your equipment back.

Also there is some changes cause this game was designed for Wii U and the second screen in the Wii U is gone, new weapons for this version and of course the upgrade to the graphics.

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